Welcome to The Journal of Sierra Leone Studies. This is the first Journal dedicated solely to Sierra Leone to have been published for a long time.

We hope that it will be of use to academics, students and anyone with an interest in what for many is a rather ‘special’ country.

The Journal will not concentrate on one area of academic study and invites contributions from anyone researching and writing on Sierra Leone to send their articles to: John Birchall for consideration.

Prospective contributions should be between 3500-5000 words in length, though we will in special circumstances consider longer articles and authors can select whether they wish to be peer reviewed or not. Articles should not have appeared in any other published form before.

The Editorial Board reserves the right to suggest changes they consider are needed to the relevant author (s) and to not publish if such recommendations are ignored.

We are particularly interested to encourage students working on subjects specifically relating to Sierra Leone to submit their work.

Thank you so much for visiting The Journal and we hope that you (a) find it both interesting and of use to you and (b) that you will inform colleagues, friends and students of the existence of a Journal dedicated to the study of Sierra Leone.

John Birchall

Articles for consideration should be sent to John Birchall

Editorial Board: Professor Arthur Abraham, Virginia State University, Peter Andersen, Abdul Bangura, Howard University, Saidu Bangura, Universidad de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, John Birchall, Professor Tucker Childs, University of Portland, Ade Daramy, Nigel Davies, Queen Mary’s College ,University of London, Lisa Denney, Overseas Development Institute, London, Melbourne Garber, Lansana Gberie, Dave Harris, Bradford University, Professor Adam Jones, University of Leipzig, Gary Schulze, Joko Sengova, John Trotman., Professor Alfred Zak-Williams, University of Central Lancashire, Joe A.D. Alie, University of Sierra Leone, Ian Hancock, University of Texas.

All editions of the journal are listed below  
  Volume One - Edition One (2012)  
  Volume One - Edition Two (2012)  
  Volume Two - Edition One (2013)  
  Volume Two - Edition Two (2013)  
  Volume Three - Edition One (2014)  
  Volume Three - Edition Two (2014)  
  Volume Four - Edition One (2015)  
  Volume Four - Edition Two (2015)  
  Volume Five - Edition One (2016)  
  Volume Five - Edition Two (2016)  
  Volume Six - Edition One (2017)  
  Volume Six - Edition Two (2017)  
  Volume Seven - Edition One (2018)  
  Volume Eight - Edition Two (2018)  
  Volume Nine - Edition One (2019)  
  Volume Ten - Edition One (2020)